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SHTF is now available to vote on Steam Greenlight.

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Short story about our development and how our visuals evolved.

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Visual Aesthetics

Because we are tired of lowpoly survival sims.

Cooperative Multiplayer

Play with your friends or random teammates

Realistic approach

You are not playing action hero. You play normal person in survival situation.

Customizable weapons

Your weapon is the extension of your hand. Make it personal.

Dramatic Stories

Story engine will provide you with different apocaliptic scenarios, while NPSc will help you to unravel secrets in the game.

Ready for Mods

Why not create your own end of the world?

The story is driven by events and reactions

Our Storytellers

Marcy Wilson

Meet Marcy, manager of non profit foundation. You can find her at Saint Francis Cathedral reconstruction site, so be sure to pay her a visit

Information classified

Information classified

Development Timeline


Early access via Steam

expected in 2018

Right after Closed Beta fixes will be in place, we will start Early Access program.

Closed Beta

Autumn-Winter 2017

We will run closed beta to test our multimplayer, server load and battle mechanics.

DevGAMM Moscow

18-19 May 2016

Those of you who will visit DevGAMM Moscow this year can find us there. We will wear orange Prepacop Industried t-shirts.

Tech demo and proof of concept

Nov 2016

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Development Started

17 Sep 2016

That is when SHTF was born. Three of us started the development.

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